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How long do you need for quotation?
WD: It depends on the mould quantity & complexity. Usually we can complete the quotation within 2 working days once we get sufficient information from customer.
What kinds of drawings can you receive?
WD: We can readily receive small and large CAD files in a variety of formats like:
2D: dwg, dxf, edrw, pdf, etc.
3D: step, igs, x_t, prt, Sldprt, STL, etc.
What kind of materials have you used before?
WD: We have made moulds with different materials such as: PP,PC, ABS, PA+GF(PA6, PA46, PA66..), PC+ABS, PC+GF, TPE, HDPE, PEI, PEEK, PPS, PVC, PMMA, HIPS, PPSU, TPU, POM, Rubber, etc.
How many project engineers do you have? Can they speak English?
WD: We have 8 project engineers and all of them can communicate in English well.
How many designers and mould makers do you have?
WD: We have 12 designers and they have rich experience in part design and mould design. We also have 50 mould makers in house.
How do you handle a large and important project?
WD: If a very large and important is launched, to make all the preliminary work much easier, we will communicate with customer by video meeting to analyze the part design and mould design. We will also pay a visit to customer to discuss all the issues, if it is necessary.
What is your working time? How many shifts do you have?
WD: Our working time is from Monday to Saturday and Sunday for the urgent project. We have 2 shifts and 20-hour working time every day.
How many moulds have you produced in last year and what is your turnover last year?
WD: In last year, we have produced 400 sets moulds and our turnover reached 5 million US dollars.
What is the tolerance you can reach for the mould and product? What about the mould size?
WD: Steel tolerance we can reach is +/- 0.001mm and product tolerance is +/- 0.005mm. We can make moulds up to 1.5 meters in length and 10 tons in weight.
What mould building standards do you use?
WD: We are familiar with metric standard and imperial standard, like DME Inch/Metric standard and Hasco Metric standard. It is up to customer requirement.
What kinds of moulds can you make?
WD: We can make prototype mould, over mould, insert mould, two shot mould, automatic mould, hot runner mould, gas-assistant mould, in mould labeling/decoration, etc, from 1 cavity up to 64 cavities.
What is the lead time for mould building?
WD: Usually it will take 4-8 weeks, but it also depends on mould size and structure.
How do you pack the mould?
WD: All of our exported moulds are vacuum packed in a disinfected wooden box, along with:
a. Material certificates
b. Electrode and ring bolt
c. Mould locking sets and accessories.
d. Mould 2D/3D drawing in CD & paper
e. Cooling channel drawing in CD & paper
f. Final sample with final trial running vedio
g. Spare parts(wearing inserts & non-standard components)
How do you ship the mould?
WD: It depends on customer’s request. Usually our customers will use their own forwarder to handle. If customer need, we can also handle the shipment under CIF, DDU, DDP terms, etc.
What is the guarantee of the mould?
WD: Our guarantee of the mould is within 2 years or within mould life listed in our quotation after mould is received.
What’s your action when the mould has some issues?
WD: When there is an issue, we will take actions below:
a. Ask customer to send all the related info (pictures, videos, etc) to us for analyzing the cause.
b. Our engineering team will review the info and come up with our best solution.
c. If needed, make the replacement parts and send to customer immediately via express.
d. If problem is not solved, we will take actions all over again until it is solved.
Will you send your engineers to solve problems if customer has requested?
WD: Yes, we will send our engineers to customer’s factory to solve the problem, if it is necessary.
What is payment term you accept?
WD: Usually we accept payment by T/T and standard payment term as:
40% of total price as deposit,
30% as middle payment after the 1st mould trial
30% as final payment before mould shipment.
Will you pay a visit to your customers? How often?
WD: Yes, we will visit our customers annually. By face-to-face meeting we believe we can enhance the trust and partnership with our customers.