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Project Management
For mould making business, project management is the key to make on-time completion and customer satisfaction come true. This is why we have developed our own
project management system through our rich experience in this market.
Order Confirmation
·Purchase Order will be confirmed within 1 day.
·Selected project engineer will contact customer immediately.
Part Analysis
·DFM report will be provided within 1 day after order
·Design modification suggestion will be provided if necessary.
Mould Design
·Mould design will be provided within 3-5 working days after part design is confirmed.
·Mould design adjustment will be done according to customer’s comments
·Mould construction schedule will be provided within 1 day after mould design is confirmed.
·Mould Weekly Progress Report with mould pictures will be provided every Monday.
·Any possible issue, delay and solution will be informed in advance immediately.
Mould Trial
·Samples quantity and color will be confirmed with customer in advance .
·Samples, mould trial report and video, sample inspection report will be provided.
·Part improvement suggestion will be provided if samples are not satisfying.
·Modification solution and new trial date will be informed.
Inspection & Packing
·Complete mould inspection will be conducted.
·24 hours production test will be conducted.
·Spare parts, mould 2D/3D drawing(paper & CD)/cooling channel drawing/BOM/Material Certificate will be provided.
·Shipment method will be confirmed with customer.
·Logistic specialist will handle the shipment according to customer’s request.
·Shipping documents and shipment progress will be provided.
·Customer Satisfaction Survey will be launched after customer has done inspection of mould & products.
·Improvement will be done according to customer’s feedback.